Meet Diane Bickford

Diane is passionate about helping to create stronger world by partnering with organizations and individuals to increase personal and professional success.

Diane has 30 years of leadership experience in a variety of healthcare settings. She has successfully led performance excellence, human resources, culture change, organizational development, strategic planning, regulatory compliance, process improvement, and operations. She achieved certifications in Quality Management and Organizational Excellence through the American Society of Quality, Professional Coaching through the International Coaches Federation, Emotional Intelligence for Leaders through Case Western Reserve University and in Career Coaching through the University of Pittsburgh. Diane holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work which provides her with the foundational knowledge of human behavior.

Diane has coached for over 10 years and has worked with professionals and leaders at all levels, from new supervisors to C- suite executives. She effectively coached in industries including healthcare, government, technology, non-profit and service, creating successful partnerships with physicians, engineers, administrators, scientists and researchers. Diane states,

“My coaching philosophy can be summed up into two words ‘get real’. I value authentic relationships as well as my time and my clients’ time. “Get real” means that a trusting coaching relationship enables the client to quickly drill down to the personal root cause of the challenge that he/she is facing. It requires honesty, vulnerability and deep desire for personal excellence and fulfillment. By listening intently, asking powerful questions and staying focused on the goals, I enable clients to find each session well worth their time, and have clear takeaways. I am direct, passionate and love to laugh so I try to introduce humor whenever possible. Sometimes it helps to put issues in perspective!”

Diane has helped clients to achieve a satisfactory work-life “blend”, reduce the negative effects of “chronic power stress”, understand and gain control over emotional flooding, improve influence, manage change, focus, and alter mindsets from negativity to optimism. Diane has found that:

“Clients who work best with me are those who have courage to look at themselves, test out new behaviors, and want to make the most of their coaching time. I am highly skilled at short, “laser-focused” sessions so that busy professionals can get back to their day!”

Diane is an expert in human dynamics, relationship building and leadership. She has spoken and trained on topics related to quality, leadership, communication, resilience and emotional intelligence at conferences and organizations across the country. Diane’s programs are unique in that,

“I make people think! I don’t have a ‘quick fix’, ‘5 simple steps’ or a set method. My customized workshops challenge attendees to examine their own mindsets and limiting beliefs, figure out their personal barriers to success and create customized action plans.”

Diane is highly skilled at organizational effectiveness and partners with companies to take vision and strategy to action. She successfully led an organization to achieve the state Baldrige award and remains active with quality management initiatives.

Diane volunteers as a Master Examiner for the American Health Care Association Quality award and is a member or the Board of Directors of the local Meals on Wheels program. She has been married for over 30 years and has three adult sons and two grandchildren. Diane’s interests: “I love cooking creative, healthy foods, spending time with family and friends and traveling to new places. I prefer to never vacation in the same place twice!”

Diane Bickford, President
Consultant, Corporate Trainer & Professional Coach


"Through coaching, I was able to discover the root cause of my personal or career stress and discover that I had the tools to attack and overcome it!" - Nicole, RN


Coaching is a partnership between a client and a trained professional that is formed to help the client uncover their true potential to achieve success and find fulfillment.

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