Book Review

  • Radical Candor, Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity

    By: Kim Scott

    Author Info:
    Kim Scott is the cofounder and CEO of Candor, Inc. She has many years of executive experience in the tech world, working for corporations such as YouTube, Google and Apple and now works as a consultant and speaker. She has authored three additional novels.

    Radical Candor defines the “sweet spot” between being brutally honest and overly empathetic. The author created a seven-step model to teach her concepts, which she refers to at the “Get Stuff Done” wheel:

    1. Listen- to the ideas that people on your team have and create a culture in which people listen to each other.

    2. Clarify- sharpen ideas to make sure they don’t get crushed before everyone fully understands their potential

    3. Debate- test ideas rigorously

    4. Decide- quickly, but not too quickly

    5. Persuade- those who weren’t involved that it is a good idea

    6. Execute – effectively

    7. Learn – study results

    The “culture of listening” is the key to having difficult conversations and giving tough feedback. Scott provides many real examples in Part 1, using herself on several occasions. She focuses on the importance of building relationships, getting to know each other on a more personal note and creating trust. Part 2 provide numerous practical tips to help the reader put the concepts into action.

    This book is most effective for individuals in leadership positions. While the concepts hold true to individual contributors, the examples and tips are geared towards those in people-manager roles.

    Radical Candor is a solid resource for leaders to have and provides some fresh ideas for managers who desire to show they care while helping their teams to be their best.